New article posted below titled, “SEARS SEEMS TO BE GOING THRU BANKRUPTCY………”

1) A wave of warm weather has proved to be an economic boost to England’s economy.

2) The stock market cratered today with a massive 830 point drop in the Dow Jones.  President Trump blamed the sudden drop on hikes of the interest rates, with money flowing out of the stock market into the bond market.

3) There are questions if this is a correction of the markets or the start of a decline from the long run of stock gains.

4) 10 OCT 18 Stock market closings:  Dow and S&P down 3%, while Nasdaq is down 4%

Dow:                  25,598.74            down           831.83
Nasdaq                7,422.05            down           315.97
S&P 500               2,785.68            down             94.66

10 Year Yield:    up   at   3.22%

Oil:      $72.71    down   from    $74.69

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