3 October 2019

1) Despite positive last quarters, both General Motors and Ford Motor company’s are concerned about the U.S. auto market taking a turn for the worse. Shares for the two automakers, as well as Fiat Chrysler, fell because of smaller figures for the quarter, although smaller than market analysis projected. There are also concerns of the overall impact from a slowing U.S. and international economies with the impact it would have on new car sales.

2) For the second day, the stock markets nose dived with the Dow losing more than 800 points these last two days. Fears of an economic recession cause the Dow to lose 490 points on Wednesday, with indications that manufacturing is slowing down, and even though manufacturing accounts for only 10% of the economy, investors see this as an indication that the economy is contracting soon with a possible recession in the near future.

3) With the markets in decline, there is a lot riding on the up coming job numbers this Friday. Fears of a coming recession could be reinforced with poor job numbers signaling that a recession is nearing. So far, there is little evidence of layoffs on the rise despite scattered reports that more companies are cutting jobs.

4) Stock market closings for – 2 OCT 19:

Dow           26,078.62    down    494.42
Nasdaq        7,785.25    down   123.44
S&P 500       2,887.61    down     52.64

10 Year Yield:    down   at    1.60%

Oil:    down   at    $52.47

19 September 2019

1) The Federal Reserved voted for a quarter percent drop in the interest rate, bringing the ire of President Trump in a tweet, complaining the Feds lack the guts and vision to cut more. But the board surprised everyone by its divided vote, three of the members voted against a policy decision, while seven voted for it. This is considered an indication of how uncertain things are and just what the economic future holds. In response, the stock markets fell over the news of just a quarter percent rate reduction.

2) Some fear that parallels in the market signal the coming of another recession. These parallels include an inverted yield curve with the stock markets making new highs in July, followed by a correction in August, then a rally in early September. Additionally, growth is slowing. These same signs occurred in 2007 prior to sliding into a sever recession. All that is needed is a trigger such as the world oil supply.

3) As a result of the UAW (United Auto Workers) strike, GM (General Motors) announced 1,300 layoffs in their Oshawa plant in Canada. This is because GM plants in the US are shut down and unable to deliver needed parts and assemblies to the Canadian plant. This shows that the strike is spreading to other units of the automakers business.

4) Stock market closings for – 18 SEP 19:

Dow             27,147.08         up    36.28
Nasdaq          8,177.39    down      8.62
S&P 500         3,006.73          up      1.03

10 Year Yield:    down   at    1.79%

Oil:    $58.25

11 March 2019

1) Netflix has a problem that could have a very major impact on its financial future. There is a debate in the movie industry, if Netflix movies should qualify for Oscars awards, that Netflix movie productions are really just television and so don’t qualify for Oscars. If works could not qualify for Oscars, then big name producers will be less inclined to produce blockbuster movies for Netflix. Netflix has been making multi-billion dollar investments for their content trying to bring high quality productions to its subscribers.

2) Household net worth has fallen by the largest amount since the 2008 Great Recession. The net worth is the measure of total assets such as homes, bank accounts and stocks minus the debts. Net worth declined 3.5% last quarter, driven in part by the poor performance of stock markets.

3) Elizabeth Warren wants to break up ‘Big Tech Companies’, specifically Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple. She says ‘Big is bad, small is beautiful’ and is calling for major changes to the anti-trust laws.

4) 8 FEB 19 Stock market closings:

Dow               25,450.24    down    22.99
Nasdaq            7,408.14    down    13.32
S&P 500           2,743.07    down      5.86

10 Year Yield:    down   at    2.62%

Oil:    down   at    $56.04

31 December 2018

1) Wells Fargo has had $575 billion dollars imposed on them by state investigators to resolve questionable business practices. This is in addition to $1 billion dollars in fines.

2) The lowering of births rates is raising global concerns about inability to support social welfare programs such as retirement and medical care. Countries such as France, Japan and Greece face critical problems in their future as their populations grow older with fewer new people being born.

3) All three stock market entities have experienced their first weekly gains after three straight weeks of declines.

4) 28 DEC 18 Stock market closings:

Dow         23,062.40 down 76.42
Nasdaq      6,584.52      up     5.03
S&P 500     2,485.74        down    3.09

10 Year Yield: down at 2.74%

Oil: down at $45.12

EPISODE 12 EFR PODCAST: ECONOMIC REFORM 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Economic & Finance Report

Back with the latest episode of the EFR podcast; the first episode of the new year, Businessman Bassey along with co host James Lymon and super engineer KH (Kyle Harper), speak on economic and financial developments that occured in the first quarter of 2017.

Topics range from the economy, stock market, wall street, IPOs, companies, wages, labor, global markets, investing, people, and business talk across the economical and financial spectrum…… Check the episode below… Stay Blessed & God Bless-SB


2016 US elections

By: Economic & Finance Report

BOFA Merrill Lynch analysts have warned of a correction in the stock market because of the high risks presented in this year US presidential election.  Wall Street has its bets on former Secretary of State; Hillary Rodham Clinton. Wall St. believes Secretary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, but nothing has been characterized as a sure thing, as uncertainty is still present.

Don’t count the Republican challenger, Donald J. Trump out the mix.  Trump is still in contention for the presidency, as some stats have him only trailing by 4-5% behind Clinton. With news emerging on Clinton’s foundation connections recently, with heads of state of other countries and Mr. Trumps miscalculations and flubs, both candidates are not a shoe in by many voters this cycle. This seems to have an effect on the stock market and strategists believe that it is placing the stock market on edge.

Analysts and strategists particularly from banking giant BOFA Merrill Lynch, have indicated a strong correction and slowing down of new investment and businesses this cycle; because of how the election this year is progressing. The presidential election has left the domestic markets in unease and in tumult. Nothing is ever definite in the global markets but all eyes are watching to see the effect the elections present to US and global financial markets. -SB