#TheCast Podcast Youtube video is up now, check it out… Featuring Billboard Charting Artist @ElexisAnsley…. Check the podcast episode below.

THE CAST PODCAST Ep. #7: CONTROLLING THE CHARTS Feat. Elexis Ansley (July 4th Ed.)

And We’reeeeeee backkkkkkkk like we never left, its Bizman Bass (Sammy BE) @EcoFireTV & the extravagent Luisa L. @LuisaModels, and of course on the engineering boards Jon “Da Don” Sterling @TheDramaBlock.

Happy 4th of July/July 4th (Indy-Pendence Day), to all Americans and patriots around the world…. This exciting show features a smoking hot (sonically & musically)billboard dance chart topping artist. She goes by the name of Elexis Ansley @ElexisAnsley.

Elexis has been doing her thing in the Electronic Pop/Dance/EDM/Techno space for a minute, and she has been able to reach Billboard Dance top charts Top 20, actually reaching #15 on the Billboard Dance Charts, which is very impressive.

She came on #TheCast to discuss her musical endeavors, charting on Billboards and her other projects which include acting….

This is must listen to podcast episode #7…. #TheCast


As always, Be Bless, Stay Bless, God Bless

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#TheCast Podcast back @ it again….. Sammy BE @EcoFireTv, Luisa L. @LuisaModels & on the mixing boards Jon Sterling @TheDramaBlock.

We are back like we never left of course, we had the pleasure of interviewing hip hop artist and musician Yoson Tala @Yoson_Tala007. Many people might know Yoson from being on tv shows, such as the @BadGirlsClub (Oxygen) & hit tv show on Fox @EmpireFox, he has been featured on Showtime’s @ShoTheChi & NBC’s @NBCChicagoFire, just to name a few.

Yoson @Yoson_Tala007 came on #TheCast to discuss his musical endeavors, taping current episodes for Empire, his upbringing in Gary, Indiana and Chicago, IL, as well as what strip clubs he enjoys (Luisa L @LuisaModels chimes in * ;)* wink*….and much more ..

This is an episode you want to tune in for….


EFR PODCAST Ep. #29: SOCIAL ME PLATFORM Feat. Rodney Hassell

The EFR Podcast Ep. #29, James Lymon, Jon Don Sterling “On The Boards” and me Sammy BE ,brought you a great podcast. We interviewed a well known comedian and online sensation. This individual has captured hundreds of thousands of followers on the gram (IG) and his presence is known on the internet.

The EFR Podcast had a pleasure of interviewing Rodney Hassell, and his journey developing a comedic presence on social media platforms like IG and twitter, along with his development in attaining a growing audience.

Rodney discussed with us the business aspect and opportunities that can come with being popular on social media, and how it can assist an up and comer’s career or media profile forward. This was an interview you don’t want to miss listening to.

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Episode #1 on THE CLOUD (Soundcloud that is). On the new podcast show, called THE CAST, hosts Sammy BE, Luisa L & Savannah Bee discuss, entertainment, music, fashion, and all topics in relation to society, lifestyles, and of course media.

The trio had a chance to speak briefly with the legal rep/lawyer (Art)for MTA Booking Agency, (former booking agency to Tekashi69). He briefly discussed MTA’s next course of action against the 6ix9ine controversy, and the next steps MTA will be taking in this regard.

He indicated to the group that we would get a full interview, on the controversy surrounding Tekashi69’s bookings of shows & concerts (and we would obtain MTA’s side of the story). So this a future interview you don’t want to miss out on.

Simply put, this is the beginning of something you don’t want to miss, on THE CAST Ep #1.

As always #BEBless #StayBless #GODBLESS #RealRecognizeDeal

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EFR Podcast Episode #19: 2017 Yearly Wrap Up & Review (Bitcoin,Trump’s Republican Tax Bill, & China Debt)

By: Economic & Finance Report

Mega host Sammy BE (Bizman Bassey) co host James Lymon, along with Jon Don Sterling (on the boards), wrap up 2017 with a year end review on the economy, business and finance.

They engage on topics ranging from Bitcoin, stocks profits/declines, Trump’s Republican tax bill (which he signed into law before Christmas began), our military & manufacturing sector encompassing a strong nation and our huge deficit and/or debt to China(in the $$$trillions$$$ of dollars)……

This year has seen its share of ups and downs in the economic & financial stratosphere but overall the year turned out to be a learning experience, as every year before it should be. Only time can tell what the new year (2018) will bring.

One thing is for sure 2018 shall surely be one that is newsworthy on the economic, financial and business front, and as it develops we will report on it, discuss it, and of course podcast it… The EFR Podcast show… Happy New Year 2018.

Remember to tune in, and continue to #Stay Blessed & #God Bless…

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Ebay & Delta: Companies Defining the New and Different World, in which the Youth Are Living In.

By: James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM

Economic & Finance Report

I keep telling people that the world of my generation (second half twentieth century) has already slipped away, died, never to return … that the world for the millenniums is completely different from my generation.  How? Well, I just had a stark demonstration of how that world is so very different from my world.  I’ve been getting rid of some of the things I’ve accumulated over the years by putting them on the auction service eBay.  One item was a radio control transmitter, almost never used, that was in excellent condition, and I anticipated selling for a good price.   I had a sever problem with eBay’s system that resulted in selling it for a fraction of what I expected.  I tried to send an email detailing the problem, only to find I was limited to just 100 characters.  Below is the email I tried to send, which best explains my problem.

I had a Radio control transmitter, Hi-tec Laser 6 channel FM (PPM) R/C up for auction this last week with a starting bid of $15, item number 152531590747 ending this last Sunday evening.  I had a lot of interest, something like 116 views the last time I checked, about a dozen or more watching, and six or more bidders.  Trouble is, despite all these bids, the bid amount remained fixed at the $15  I specified for starting.  And so that’s what it sold for!

 Now just what is going on here?  With the product type and interest shown, I would expect it to have sold for $80 to $100, instead I practically gave it away.  Is this suppose to be some practical joke by one of the mirid of programmers sitting on your payroll?  Considering the time and effort I put in with the pictures and written description, I would have been better off just to have taken it down to Goodwill!

As a degree electronic engineer having spent most of my career with embedded systems, I’m shocked by how poorly your software has matured.  Your software is as buggy as flour full of weevils!!  I see the basic system is continually being changed, with snags which I considered should have been resolved years ago.  Considering how long your company has been operating, your system should by now be very stable requiring few changes to its design.

 I consider my loss to be the result of the poor performance of your software staff, in particular the management in the software department.  It’s past time for eBay to have a thorough house cleaning of it’s software management personnel, particularly the upper levels of management, and start getting qualified people in who have the knowledge and ability to manage large software systems.

 But like so many other giant modern American business, eBay has insulated themselves from the troubles and bother of their customers by using technology.  The little trick of limiting an email to just 100 characters, 40 less than a tweet, is a prime example.  Just the first sentence of my proposed email ran 185 characters, almost twice what was allowed.  Their idea for customer service, and it’s the same for so many other large American companies, is to create some on-line ‘puzzle palace’ of canned answers, leading the customer around and around in software loops until they tire and give up.

The recent video on television news, of Delta Airlines arbitrary and capricious treatment of a paying customer being beaten and bodily dragged off their airplane, graphically shows the companies real attitude towards their customer base.  And these two events made me realize just how different today’s millenniums world is from the world I grew up and came to know.  In my youth, companies bent over backwards, jumped through hoops making sure their customers were taken care of, the axiom of American business being:

Take care of your customers … or somebody else will!

But not today.  Today’s companies consider their customers as nothing more than livestock to be  cultivated and herded around using the modern technologies of mass media and the internet.  I know . . . I used to live on a farm and worked with livestock.  Their attitude is the same as any farmer or rancher towards their cattle or hogs.  This typifies what I mean when I say the world of the millennium’s parents has faded away and died, while the millennium’s world is completely different from my world.  In my time companies who acted in such a manner towards their customers would have found themselves lepers in American society, slowly dying just as surely as if they had leprosy.  In the long run, this can only hurt American business and the economy.


But the same modern technologies which destroyed my world and created the millennium’s commercial world has gone beyond the economic boundaries to be infused into America’s political system, with the same disastrous results.  Elected officials (Presidents, Vice-presidents, Senators and Congressmen) no longer work at the problems plaguing their constituents, instead they ‘work their people’ using the mass media and mass advertising technologies of commerce to cultivate and manipulate their voters to their own ends and means.  For so much of the government, people are just livestock for them to use as they see fit.


In not addressing the problem of obsolescence of workers, they have destroyed the whole future of a whole generation, the generation of the millenniums and Z Generation.  With 20% to 25% of new college graduates unemployed or under-employed, one shouldn’t be surprised at the growing student unrest


No one cares about the young people, so no one is doing anything to address their problems.