26 March 2020

1) The coronavirus crisis has also crippled the sales of automobiles with March sales down by an expected 35.5% and 15.3% decline expected for 2020. The decline poses the largest threat to the auto industry since the Great Recession which resulted in the bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler. Globally, auto sales are expected to drop by 12%, which is greater than the 8% of the Great Recession. Most dealers are keeping their doors open, although some are only allowed to keep their service centers open during the shutdown order.

2) The coronavirus crisis has brought negative rates to the U.S., the first time for negative yields on government debt. The yields on both one-month and three-month Treasury bills have dipped below zero on Wednesday. Negative yields have been a part of European markets for months now, with many expecting the same to come to America.

3) Many entertainment facilities and events have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic with the closing of Disneyland and Disney World being the first world renowned closures. A long list of political events, theme parks, sporting events and leagues, cultural and concerns closures has been joined by the announcement that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo has been postpone for a year. The economic losses, both direct and indirect, are near incalculable to make. This will add to the total economic downturn of the world with innumerable support and supply businesses suffering.

4) Stock market closings for – 25 MAR 20:

Dow 21,200.55 up 495.64
Nasdaq 7,384.30 down 33.56
S&P 500 2,475.56 up 28.23

10 Year Yield: up at 0.86%

Oil: up at $24.31

23 March 2020

1) The shutting down of many of American service industries is having an effect on America’s hard pressed trucking industry. Suddenly, there are fewer hauling jobs, a result of the coronavirus control measures. There are 300,000 to 400,000 thousand truck drivers who own their trucks and don’t have much protection if rates or demand for their service falls. Trucking is often considered a leading economic indicator where the rest of the economy is heading, because 71% of the freight in America is moved by trucks. A downturn in freight being hauled indicates the economy is slumping.

2) President Trump says the U.S. may be headed for a recession for the first time in eleven years as the coronavirus cripples the world economies which in turn can pull the U.S. economy down despite it being strong. Experts anticipate America will enter a recession in the upcoming second quarter, from April through June, with a decline of 4% to 8% annual pace. The unemployment rate could zoom up to 6% from its current fifty year low of 3.5%, which would hinder a recovery. Typically, economic hard times opens the way for new technologies to displace workers as business strive for ways to reduce cost and remain profitable.

3) The Department of Labor reported a 30% increase in unemployment claims, which is one of the largest spikes in claims. This signals the start of feared layoffs in response to the coronavirus impact on the economy. As more businesses are vastly reducing or stopping operations, they have no real choice but to lay off workers in the hope of surviving the coming economic storm. America’s oil industry is facing massive layoffs with tens of thousands being laid off in the shale fields like the Permian Basin as oil prices drop to alarming lows. No longer profitable to pump out shale fields and strapped with high levels of debt, the oil companies are facing bankruptcy. Six years ago, a sharp price drop in oil cost 200,000 oil workers their jobs.

4) Stock market closings for – 20 MAR 20: The Dow had its worst month since 1931.

Dow 19,173.98 down 913.21
Nasdaq 6,879.52 down 271.06
S&P 500 2,304.92 down 104.47

10 Year Yield: down at 0.94%

Oil: down at $23.64

THE CAST POD EP #9 feat. Xiomara (Youtube Edition) GLAMOUR COME UP………….

We Are Back folks, but it’s cold outside, it’s a cold world ol’ girl…….. #TheCastPodcast, LIVE & DIRECT

Bizman Bass (Sammy BE) @Ecofire, Luisa L. @LuisaModels, & Jon Da Don Sterling @TheDramaBlock. We are #TheCast don’t get it F**ked up, course not…. This momentous episode; #TheCast had a chance to interview a lovely up and coming model. This young woman is definitely on her grind, in a never ending modeling industry, whether it’s entertainment, media, fashion, social media modeling; her work ethic and her work accumen is undeniable. We had the incredible pleasure in interviewing XIOMARA (aka Xiomara The Model aka Miss Random); and y’all know what it is when #TheCast comes on the set….

We most definitely shut the interviews down (as we should)…….Y’all Already Know……. Xiomara came on the show, to discuss her trials and tribulations working in modeling, and she came to explain the hussles & motivation needed, in trying to make it to the top of an industry, that is constantly changing. The fashion and modeling industries, two forces hard to reckon with; it is what it is….. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss (@ all costs)#TheCast

“WE ALL HAVE A VOICE & OPINION. IT’S JUST HOW U USE YOURS”….. As always, Be Bless, Stay Bless, God Bless


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THE CAST PODCAST… Back at it again, with another banging episode for your ears. Sammy BE @EcoFireTV & Luisa L. @LuisaModels, along with Jon Don Sterling “On The Boards” @TheDramaBlock.

On this podcast episode, we had a special guest interviewee. Our guest happens to be a super manager in the music and entertainment game, her clientele ranges from Bobby V. (Bobby Valentino), Houston, Texas rap legend Scarface (Gheto Boys), R&B duo group Ruff Endz, as well as her other major accolades; we were able to interview Ms. Melinda Santiago from (The Santiago Firm).

Melinda was able to give THE CAST PODCAST, insight into the music biz and particularly on how she runs her business. She provided context of what young artists (Millennials, Gen Z) need to do to be heard and gain exposure to a global audience.

She also provided the ups and downs of the entertainment business, and the struggles women have in the music business; but also the strong backbone she has, to be able to survive and progress in this male dominated business and industry.

This is an episode you surely do not want to miss.

As always #BEBless #StayBless #GODBLESS #RealRecognizeDeal

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EFR Podcast Episode 10 Millennial Indie Grind Series 2: WINDY CITY TAKEOVER feat. RICO RECKLEZZ


Economic & Finance Report

Biz-man Bassey (Sammy BE) got an opportunity to interview Chi-Town’s very own, Rico Recklezz. Interview was apart of the EFR Podcast “Millennial Indie Grind Series”, that we have begun to enhance @ Economic & Finance Report.

We discussed with Rico’s on his economic & financial upbringing, coming from the streets, being in poverty, and also being raised in Southside Chicago, &  of course the attention Rico’s massive online presence and accolades have brought him and his brand….

Check out the rest of  the interview below… -SB



By: Economic & Finance Report

It seems that Uber and Lyft are crushing the competition in the customer service ride share industry, if that is even an industry to say the least; these two mega companies created and infiltrated ride share customer service. While they are in the forefront of picking up customers through their online apps, taxis and cabs in metro areas like NYC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, San Francisco are taking hits and seeing major declines in customer pick ups.

Taxi and cabs are increasingly losing value as the ride share tech giants are taking over the industry, revenue for cabs have gone done drastically even though cabs pickup more people in metro areas such as New York City, statistics show  in NYC, taxis in the city picked 450k-500k passengers in April 2016 as compared to Lyft’s & Uber’s 200k passengers combined according to stats provided by Morgan’s Stanley. Though taxis and cabs picked up more people during that time period; their revenue did not come close to what Uber/Lyft  made during that month of April.

It looks like Lyft and Uber are giving cab/taxis a run for the their money, or  at least “a ride for their money”. -SB




By: Economic & Finance Report

The US banks revenue from 2015, beat the revenue of Euro banks by almost double in profit. European banks earned $26B last year, compared to their American counterparts, whom earned $43B the same year (2015).

In 2016 the revenue between the two powerful continents will expand wider; especially since Great Britain has made the decision to BREXIT the EU. Analysts believe this will leave a monstrous dent in the financial sector and the banking industry in Great Britain. With no power players in sight; many investment bankers are already inquiring high end employment agencies about referrals and transfer opportunities in the US, or other market driven countries.

I guess to them, the money does not seem to be in Europe right now; well at least not in Great Britain, with economic prices fluctuating rapidly and uncertainty brewing, where else can anyone turn??? Cheerio -SB