2 October 2019

1) The retailer giant Amazon is expanding into the grocery business by leasing retail space across the Los Angeles area, signing leases for more than twelve locations. This is the first step of plans to open grocery stories across the nation. Amazon job postings are looking for people to work in retail concepts for a multiple customer experiences under one roof. Stores are reportedly to be about 35,000 square feet and intended to compete with big box stores such as Walmart, Target and Kroger.

2) The Institute for Supply Management says its manufacturing index dropped to 47.8 last month, the lowest since June 2009, below the forecast 49.1. Indexes below 50 indicate a contraction in manufacturing. Manufacturing accounts for 12% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), so a slowdown could effect other parts of the economy. Other indicators have shown output increased over last month.

3) Oil prices record its weakest quarter since late last year as fears over a global economic slowdown overshadowed the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil production facilities. Brent futures are down 8.7% since the end of June, despite the peak after the attacks. The price of oil is considered an economic indicator, since demand goes down as economies slow down, making more oil available, thus causing oil prices to decline.

4) Stock market closings for – 1 OCT 19:

Dow               26,573.04    down    343.79
Nasdaq            7,908.68    down      90.65
S&P 500           2,940.25    down      36.49

10 Year Yield:    down   at    1.64%

Oil:    down   at    $53.98

23 February 2019

1) The worlds largest container shipper, Danish international shipping company Maersk who’s business activities is an indicator of international trade, indicates a trade slowdown. Their revenues are down which is a strong indicator of a global economic slowdown.

2) Twelve empty supertankers are idle because of US domestic oil production is up. US light oil is ideal for gasoline production, but there is not enough supertankers in the Atlantic to export American oil. American oil production is expected to continue rising.

3) Deutsche Bank AG will lose $1.6 billion dollars over the next decade from complex municipal bond investments. The bank paid $140 million dollars for derivatives called credit-default swaps, which was central to the financial collapse of 2008.

4) 21 FEB 19 Stock market closings:

Dow             25,901.13     down     53.31
Nasdaq          7,482.72     down       6.35
S&P 500         2,780.49     down       4.21

10 Year Yield:    up   at    2.70%

Oil:    down   at    $56.84