15 September 2020

1) The old, almost extinct vinyl record album technology for music has surpassed the newer high technology CD music media this year, by selling $129.9 million compared to $232.1 million dollars for vinyl records. This is the first time vinyl has outsold CDs since the 1980’s. About 8.8 million records were sold with 10.2 million CDs, so number wise CD’s are still ahead. Overall, the music industry now is center on digital downloads, digital subscription and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube with revenues up 12% overall. The recorded music for the first six months of 2020 was $5.6 billion dollars so combined vinyl and CD’s are just a small fraction of the total business.

2) Amazon is hiring again expecting to fill 100,000 part time and full time openings across the U.S. and Canada. This is in addition to 33,000 technology and corporate jobs announced just a week ago, many paying six figure salaries. The 100,000 labor jobs pay at least $15 an hour with a $1,000 sign up bonuses in some cities. Amazon is opening 100 new buildings this month because of the pandemic fueled sales surge with increase home delivery, as shopping habits shift to e-commerce. Market value for Amazon is now at $1.6 trillion dollars and continues climbing.

3) Oil giant BP (British Petroleum) says the demand for oil may have peaked last year, that global market for crude oil might never recover from the coronavirus pandemic. The company considers there are three scenarios for energy demand, all of which forecast a decline in demand for oil over the next thirty years. 1) ‘Business as usual’ oil demand increases slightly after the pandemic crisis passes, then plateaus around 2025 finally it declines after 2030. 2) Governments take more aggressive steps to curb carbon emissions, 3) there are significant shifts in societal behavior, both leading to a decline in oil demand. All point to a shift in the world economic system with a significant decline in growth for many countries.

4) Stock market closings for – 14 SEP 20:

Dow 27,993.33 up 327.69
Nasdaq 11,056.65 up 203.11
S&P 500 3,383.54 up 42.57

10 Year Yield: unchanged at 0.67%

Oil: down at $37.38

EFR Podcast Episode 11 Millennial Indie Grind Series 3: Economic Guerilla feat. G-UNIT’S KIDD KIDD

By: Economic & Finance Report

Businessman Bassey (Sammy BE) along with co host James Lymon and KH (Kyle Harper)on the boards, interviewed G-Unit’s very own Kidd Kidd. Kidd Kidd discussed with us his economic and financial grind, and his upbringing in N.O. (New Orleans).

Happy Holidays, Stay Blessed & God Bless..  -SB

Interview Below:

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By: Economic & Finance Report

Sammy BE aka Businessman Bassey aka Financier Bassey… Ur favorite businessman’s FAVORITE BUSINESS-MAN…

Just got off the phone with manager’s of  RICO RECKLEZZ (Chicago King Dave) & KYYNGG (Hotel). We were on a conference call, both bosses of the talented artists, spoke to each other as MEN & AS BOSSES DO…Resolving any issue that may have been presented online via respective online media sources and outlets…..

There is NO BEEF, NO HOSTILITIES, NOR ANY ILL WILL amongst KYYNGG & RICO RECKLEZZ; as a matter fact both may work or collab on something HUGE (*Donald Trump voice*) in the future……

Both managers of (Rico Recklezz & Kyyngg) exchanged phone #s & pleasantries, and something good may be brewing between both artists, maybe COLLAB, TOUR…. MAJOR $$$$$$ I envision.

Both artists Rico & Kyyngg know their value to the hip hop game and the massive following that both have online….

When it’s Economical and Financial, Economic & Finance Report is on it first.

Both young men are talented and will be doing phenomenal things in the future… U CAN BET ON IT……

Will Soon have interviews with RICO RECKLEZZ on the EFR Podcast

& the KYYNGG interview is on soundcloud now, link below….

Alright, Signing OFF This





Below is the link of THE EFR PODCAST. We interviewed rising rapper KYYNGG from ATL.. He spoke about media as it relates to millennials; and his creative process and how online/digital plays a huge role in outreach to new listeners…

Peep the link below…-SB