THE CAST PODCAST Ep. #7: CONTROLLING THE CHARTS Feat. Elexis Ansley (July 4th Ed.)

And We’reeeeeee backkkkkkkk like we never left, its Bizman Bass (Sammy BE) @EcoFireTV & the extravagent Luisa L. @LuisaModels, and of course on the engineering boards Jon “Da Don” Sterling @TheDramaBlock.

Happy 4th of July/July 4th (Indy-Pendence Day), to all Americans and patriots around the world…. This exciting show features a smoking hot (sonically & musically)billboard dance chart topping artist. She goes by the name of Elexis Ansley @ElexisAnsley.

Elexis has been doing her thing in the Electronic Pop/Dance/EDM/Techno space for a minute, and she has been able to reach Billboard Dance top charts Top 20, actually reaching #15 on the Billboard Dance Charts, which is very impressive.

She came on #TheCast to discuss her musical endeavors, charting on Billboards and her other projects which include acting….

This is must listen to podcast episode #7…. #TheCast


As always, Be Bless, Stay Bless, God Bless

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3 July 2019

1) The U.S. economy has entered its 121st month of economic growth setting a new record. Some experts are saying the real economic recovery may only be in its infancy. It’s just this last year that the gross domestic product caught up with estimates of its potential. Periods when GDP exceed potential are when workers typically enjoy the greatest wage gains. There are concerns of a changing environment with global trade disputes and other risks slowing down the economy.

2) Another daily newspaper has announce it is closing down, in what this year has been a rash of daily newspaper closing as well as massive layoffs. The Vindicator of Youngstown Ohio, which just celebrated its 150th anniversary, will cease publication the end of August, with 144 people losing their jobs. Virtually all daily newspapers have had deep cuts in staff these last couple of years, giving credence to the prediction that all the daily newspapers in America will be gone in ten years, displaced by newer mass media technologies.

3) The Payless ShoeSource is going out of business, closing all of its 2,500 retail stores. Once the largest and most successful family owned business in the country, the chain is succumbing to competition from big-box stores and on-line retailers. Founded in the 1960s, its demise could be the largest retail liquidation in history. Payless strategy uses customer self help allowing a minimal labor force of one manager and a couple of cashiers.

4) Stock market closings for- 2 JUL 19:

Dow               26,556.14    up    19.32
Nasdaq            7,958.05    up    45.06
S&P 500           2,926.73    up    12.95

10 Year Yield:    down   at    1.98%

Oil:    up   at    $56.66