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USPS has entered the autonomous freight hauling industry. For some who may not know what I am referring to? What I am stating is that the United States Parcel Service will be testing driver less freight trucks, for hauling their parcels. They will be entering a market that technology giants such as Google, Tesla, Uber, Lyft and other transportation manufacturers have also ventured into, such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, to name a few.

USPS has indicated these “self driving freight” vehicles are essential in delivering packages in a timely fashion, saving time in delivering parcels and also being cost effective at the same time.

The United States Parcel Service will be utilizing the service of TruSimple (a San Francisco based tech startup) in customization and evaluating the presence the free wheeling driver-less freight vehicles, particuraly to enhance production and safety developments. Here is to fearless driving. -SB

21 May 19

1 ) The stock for electric auto maker Tesla fell today as the car maker faces an uphill battle to become profitable in the second half of the year. Delivery of its new cars are way down from sales forecast, with Tesla stock closing down 2.7%, the lowest in two and a half years. Additionally, Tesla may be facing severe financial consequences from a fatal crash involving their Autopilot system.

2) The fallout from Huawei being blacklisted in America has caused the stock market to fall. Huawei uses electronic components in their product line, high technology parts that can’t be procured from other vendors. The down side is these vendors have significant sales from Hauwei, which lowers their revenues.

3) The trade wars with China is threatening to close as many as 12,000 stores in America this next year. For the last two years, the closing of retail stores in America had been accelerating before the trade war started, the result of falling store traffic. Tariffs would cause price increases at a time when consumers are increasingly reluctant to spend their money. All ready, the closure of 6,400 retail stores have been announced.

4) 20 MAY 19 Stock market closings:

Dow              25,679.90    down     84.10
Nasdaq          7,702.38    down   113.91
S&P 500         2,840.23    down      19.30

Year Yield:    up   at    2.42%

Oil:   up  at  $63.30